Talking casting calls, Instagram followers, and why we can't be Beyoncé right now with Destiny "Oh Wawa" Owusu

5:48 PM,  12th floor of Studio 450
w/ Destiny Owusu, 27, Virginia, Ghanian 
Before Destiny walks at Midwest Fashion Week's Show during NYFW

x It's getting slightly chaotic. Designers and models are trying to figure out their  first moves for the show and doors are opening soon to guests. In the midst I'm able to have a quick convo with Destiny Owusu, a  model quickly rising to the top.  We talk about her first career decisions, social media, and more. Read on.



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Every year I cover New York Fashion Week via the comfort of my home and Instagram! The access to #NYFW is not what anyone would've imagined in a million years (but fashion enthusiasts like I do not mind.) From the streets outside the shows to backstage at the Skylight at Moynihan Station, Instagram lets us see it all in just a few clicks and live time of a show! Check out my favorite Instagrams from Day One of #NYFW!

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Denim for this Fall is not for the Ordinary

Fall/Winter 2016 Denim Trends
Calling all of my bold spirits and not-so-perfect garment lovers: the denim trends of this Fall are in your favor! Denim has been slow moving in trends but they are picking up some speed lately. If you’re tired of “skinny” jeans, and flares aren’t for you, or heck, you’re just fashionably exciting, these trends may appeal to you.