Trend Report: BUSTiers

Spring Summer 2017 Trend

Love Month is almost over but before it goes I have to report on the lingerie that we are out and about in, bustiers. I must quote the difference between a bustier and corset, because it seems that the two are often interchanged.  A bustier is basically a longline bra. It includes a bodice part and some go below the waist. A corset is meant to cinch in the waist and emphasize it. The two can be combined but a corset usually don't not include a traditional bra. Bustiers use to just be an undergarment or often built into dresses. These past twenty years we've seen many traditional lingerie pieces come out into our Ready-To-Wear fashion, like the infamous Slip Dress. See how bustiers are being styled for 2017.


14 Lingerie Sets for Valentine's Day

Lingerie Brands 2017 Panties Bras

Valentine's Day is almost a week away and as usual, we're either already loving it or hating it. Over here, we're loving it. It's time to celebrate lingerie's favorite time to show up and show out. I've found 14 lingerie sets, each from different designers (not including Victoria's Secret because well, we all know what they've got) that I think can be loved and adored. These brands range from independent lingerie designers, high end, even to a jewelry designer. So enjoy, and remember, treat yourself, lingerie can be for you just as someone else can enjoy it too.