The Ellery Effect

snooper dan street style

"I'll never wear bell bottoms" you said, "That was so 70s" you said, but now you're on Zara waiting for those Extra Flare trousers to be restocked. Just as flare jeans are coming back in we want flare everywhere from the sleeves to the hem of our dresses and Ellery can be one to blame.

The brand founded by Kym Ellery in 2010 hasn't left Vogue and WWD's articles since her first collection. From the street style of editors and bloggers, to her fashion shows, Ellery's pieces stand out and awe audiences. The Flare Pants from the  2014 Ready To Wear collection have created the most buzz. You'll either find them dangerous to walk in or just drop dead amazing, either way you can't look away. The brand has expanded to a recent denim and eyewear line while still  creating their flared garments and elongated frilly sleeved tops. And don't worry, if you're not in the range to just snag up one of her $700 pieces, smaller brands have caught on the the Ellery Effect.