Always a First time.

Whoa, an outfit post? First, let me say I didn't expect to be posting one until next year. But I looked nice today, so I said why not try? Ive been running this blog for about three years and theres very little about me. I wanted to start off doing outfit posts but I wanted to wait until the right time, so now Im here. I learned after doing this, going through the pictures that Ive got a lot to do (work on). But, for now, for a first time, not horrible. Its a start.

Outfit details:
Grey skater dress from Forever 21
"Turkish Delight Earrings" from ASOS, by ASOS
"Van Buren" shoes from Nasty Gal, by Luichiny
"Wood Base Shopper" bag from ASOS, by ASOS

Photography by: Kayla McDaniel 


Post Palette: Ulyana Sergeenko 2014 Spring Couture

Ulyana Sergeenko has done it. From clashing royal colors and Spring pastels, beads water-falling into designs, and to satin fabric laying, sculpted across curves, this couture collection stands strong.  We can expect fro Sergeenko's style the floor sweeping dresses and skirts, but a seductress emerges through this collection. With only being a noted as a designer on Style and Vogue for 2 years, she is definitely making a name for herself. This collection empowers and brings all eyes to the woman in this.

The looks with striped pieces are very strong and stand out from her solid colors pieces. She doesn't have much floral in her pieces, which are expected for spring designs, but this is refreshing. Bold reds are contrasted against teals in two of the looks above. Ulyana Sergeenko said that these striped looks aren't a printed fabric, she said the stripes were narrow bands of silk placed over. The sculpting of the fabric in the 3rd look above is perfect. It looks effortless, and the knot where the fabric meets isn't tight. Very loose, and effortless.

Now when it comes to fabric choice, these solid colored pieces are the focus. The silk keeps the couture eye.The teal is paired with light creams, and pinks. The stitching of the pattern on the bralette on the 3rd look is amazing. Since this fabric is so soft and light, its surprising to get this result.The middle look's over jacket looks perfect as it goes down the runway, its simply beautiful (video at the bottom).

Now when I mentioned bolds and pastels meeting, I was referring to these looks. We have the baby blue on emerald green, red on a light blue, and pink with emerald green stripes highlighting the look. The stitching again, her on the emerald green shorts are immaculate. The detailing and texture  is amazing on all three looks. The emerald green stripes on the bodysuit (?) on the third look is so beautiful. Especially on this model. Amazing. 

The vintage waved hair and simple make up matched this theme so well also. The scene of the runway show was set up as a train station, and obviously with a early 1990s feeling the hair was perfect.

Now on to my noted favorite pieces, the looks with the beading. Can I just say The placing of the beading was different? And beautiful. The colors of the beads matched the colors of the looks, emerald green, red and white. Also, Sergeenko said backstage of her show that they are hand painted.

Photos and backstage info from: Style.com