Fashion has been ready for Cuba

Encuentro Junto al Mar Mario Carreño Encounter by the Sea
Encuentro Junto al Mar (Encounter By the Sea), 1976Mario Carreño

As Cuba opens up to US tourism and relations, the fashion world is not far behind. Or maybe, we’ve been waiting. Karl Lagerfeld hosted his Chanel Resort 2017 collection there this past weekend in the capitol Havana and it literally took over the fashion press. While traditional wear is not everyday for many Cubans, and is not a definition for their style today, it is trending now globally.  Cuba's Latin influences in their traditional women’s dress have lingered in designers' collections for seasons now. Tiered, or multi-leveled and exaggerated ruffled garments, bright floral embroidery and light, airy fabrics are included. Cuba's art history is also very rich, with colors, high contrast, and organic shapes. So I added some in. The artworks featured are by Mario Carreño, a Cuban artist (1913-1999).