Find the flare for you.

And the 70s is back (as I've already talked about in my ASOS for the 70s post.) There are millions of flare jeans out there and now they are in more styles than ever. From your very little kick-flare jeans, to ultra bell bottom flare, you've got choices. But one thing I can say about all flare jeans is they make your legs look longer so to my petite ladies, find you a  pair and trick 'em all. 



This post is the third outfit post that I've done in my five years of blogging. I've always known the top fashion blogs were ones where the author blogged about their outfit. But I enjoy writing, reviewing, and evaluating shows and the trends of upcoming season so outfit posts would come when I felt ready to. By ready to, I mean confident in my outfit, in my surroundings, and photographer, also the right timing. I've learned that when you're blogging you want to bring your best, because anything less, you don't want to put out there. And finally at twenty I'm finally learning to just do it.


Instagram's Live Coverage of NYFW: DAY ONE

New York Fashion Week is on the roll, and I'm here with my favorite Day One photos. From backstage, the runway, to street style, Instgramers fill timelines with their Fashion Week events for all  to see. The Instagram tag #NYFW currently has over 1.9 Million medias (according to Iconosquare, it has 1,943,369), and is growing as the season continues on. And to all my fashion enthusiasts, if you're not in NY right now its okay, because Instagram's got you covered.


NYFW Spring Summer 2016 is just days away...

Yes, New York Fashion Week is just days away. To be exact it is:
3 Days, 18 Hours, 47 Minutes, and 03 Seconds
away from starting as I type this. I was going to post the top 5 things I am looking forward to this Fashion Week season but my poor Mac broke on me a week ago but it's back now, fully function able. I just wanted to let you guys know what to look forward to on my blog over the next few weeks.


Trend Report: ASOS for the 70s Trend

ASOS is here for your 70's influenced wardrobe for the next few seasons. If you didn't already noticed, ribbed fabric, lace-up tops, and flared garments are making their way back into everyones closet. And if you're an enthusiast for blasts from the past, or just loving this trend, I'm telling you that ASOS has something for you.


Campaign: Monaco - Handred Clothing

As the first Menswear Fashion Week has ended in New York, we've seen the rise of gender neutrality happen right before our eyes. Designers like Public School and Gucci have used female models and created unisex collections. Beyond designers in the US and Europe, it seems the movement has reached a Rio de Janeiro designer, AndrĂ© Namitala. 


Trend Report: S/S 2016 Pre Collections: Striped.

Before we know it, September will be here. And if you don't know what September is, at least to fashion enthusiasts, it's the start of the plethora of Fashion Weeks. Resort and Pre collections allow us to get a sneak peek of what designers are going to show us at their Fashion Week show. With the 70's influence making its way back into our closets, so are the silhouettes and patterns. One pattern, obviously stripes, stands out amongst other pieces in the collections. From bold thick stripes to alternating widths and colors, stripes are in at least half to the Pre collections released thus far. Clover Canyon, Chanel, and Acne Studios are a few labels that have made there way into the "Striped" Trend Report.



So, Spring Break is over but Summer will be here before you know it. One pieces are back with more detailed and as sexy as Baywatch. Gladiators shoes are going higher and adapting to all styles from minimal to bohemian. And designers are finding ways to merge the most baring material into their collections and stay true to their looks. Below I collected a few pieces that stood out to me, that definitely deserve to be in our wardrobes this summer. The links to the pieces are in the names and the site they are sold on.



So NYFW is now over and I wanted to give you some of Instagram's coverage for the last days, enjoy. (Days 5-9)



Social networks help you get an inside look at events faster than ever, especially since Instagram has been around.  From backstage photos, to street style photographers, users of the app have the tag #NYFW at almost at 1.5 million medias. And out of those I chose my favorite 20 posts thus far in the season (Days 1-4) to share with you guys.


Minimal in Spring

Above is the definition of minimal according to Merriam Webster. Minimal can be applied in numbers, art including sculptures and architecture and style. Some even think of minimalism as a way of life. Minimalism in fashion has been explored since the mid 20th century and it has had its iconic eras. In the 1960s shapes and lines met clothing. From the Bauhaus movement (1919-33) and artists like Frank Stella, fashion designers were inspired. In the 1990s the slip dress reigned, but designer Halston created it in 1975. Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss wore slip dresses on and off the runway. Fast forwarding to after 2010, Rihanna brings back the slip dress and Kim Kardashian has been linked to the minimal trend this past year. Minimal can be applied to fashion through textiles, including their texture and colors, through cuts, and design. Solid colors especially white and black, lead in minimal clothing.  Leather and mesh also are great textiles in this trend. The easiest way I can explain is simplicity. Some people may call is boring, plain and too "matchy-matchy", but designers like MaxMara and Calvin Klein have mastered it. I decided to do this post to inspire some minimalism for the spring. Black fabrics may get harsh towards the summer but white is great alternative. I may get around to doing a Minimal for Summer post to inspire more, but for now, this.


Happy New Year! Here we are in 2015, and of course it just feels like another day. Holidays have started to fade and seem like just another day of the week, or maybe its because I'm away at school, still doesn't take away from the joy and hopefulness it puts upon people every year. We've found that New Year's resolutions are also becoming pointless and we try to make very vague goals now. But do we reach those? My goals for this year seem so big, but at sometime you've got to stop looking at things and actually do them. Blogging has been one of my hobbies and stress-relievers for the past two years. Staying consistent has been a problem, but not this year (am I presenting a New Year's resolution of not procrastinating? lol). I want to be serious about blogging and although I'm coming at the end of the fashion blogging train, I'm going to keep on, because it's more than just a trend to me. I'm excited for what may happen this year, so I hope everyone else is. I'll leave with a quote because those are my favorite. Look around the site & my past posts and enjoy :)
"Ask for nothing less than inspiration."
Deepak Chopra