Angle to a Flare

This past weekend I attended the Art Gallery opening for two exhibits at the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati. Overall, I can say I enjoyed it a lot. It was the first time I've attended an event like this and I was afraid I was over dressed but honestly, I should've known better since art and style are hand-in-hand. There were more than enough people dressed up with the same amount dressed casual, so until I'm going to the MET Gala, I assume I am safe with whatever I choose to wear.  I wore a sleek short black dress. The thing that caught my eye with this dress is the flare split sleeve. I have been obsessed with Ellery's designs (I am currently working on a blog post for this designer) and their signature flare; so seeing this sleeve reminded me of her work. The dress is from Zara and so are the shoes. These shoes were my prom shoes, and they work with everything.

One of the two artists that the gallery opening party was for is Titus Kaphar. Titus Kaphar is a Black American who incorporates his life, and culture into his works. His work has been in the Wall Street journal to the Times and he has been featured in various galleries before. His "Asphalt and Chalk" x "The Jerome Project" collection caught my eye and heart though at the Gallery opening. It was various portraits of black men who are incarcerated or have been killed by the police. The portraits have been drawn multiple times in layers in some places to keep some of the men's identity not clear and to add a twist to them. The portraits were over 4' x 3' and with that subject matter I was left in awe. I like how art makes you think, and as said art doesn't make everyone comfortable but it is always an expression of someone's thoughts, pain, struggle, or joy. I love that Kaphar found that connect sharable to an audience, I like that it lead someone to think and talk about such a silenced topic.

I didn't know you could take pictures throughout the museums until after I passed the collection and I only got old technology (joking, it's a Samsung Galaxy 3) quality photos. But I did take other photos, and I posted them on my FlickR, click here to find them. Other than that, I hope to be making another outfit post soon, and if not fashion posts will still be coming, Thanks for reading.

Photos taken by VanDawn Williams on a Nikon D3100.