Campaign: Monaco - Handred Clothing

As the first Menswear Fashion Week has ended in New York, we've seen the rise of gender neutrality happen right before our eyes. Designers like Public School and Gucci have used female models and created unisex collections. Beyond designers in the US and Europe, it seems the movement has reached a Rio de Janeiro designer, André Namitala. 

Namitala took his experience of designing with other local labels, and started his own called Handred in 2012. His first collections were for the Resort seasons, as he say's his brand "occupies a place out of chronological time. It's resort, eternal weekends, light and sunny days." He has since designed collections for year round seasons and his most recent Spring Summer 2016 collection, for unisex wear. From blazers to athletic styled shorts, campaign models Mahany Pery and Felipe Inaccio model the collection effortlessly. The brand's Instagram include captions "walking through genders" and "Handred equality" to hence the concept of the collection. The collection also already has a write-up in this month's Elle Brasil. Excited for this movement and Brazil's new designers.

*photos from Handred & José Camarano.