NYFW Spring Summer 2016 is just days away...

Yes, New York Fashion Week is just days away. To be exact it is:
3 Days, 18 Hours, 47 Minutes, and 03 Seconds
away from starting as I type this. I was going to post the top 5 things I am looking forward to this Fashion Week season but my poor Mac broke on me a week ago but it's back now, fully function able. I just wanted to let you guys know what to look forward to on my blog over the next few weeks.

I will be doing my annual Instagram's got you Covered posts, where I share my favorite Instagram posts from people at Fashion Week. Whether they are at the show or doing street style, if it is tagged with #NYFW or any of the other fashion week tags, and I love it, I'll share it. This year I'm going to try to keep up with this daily and do these posts for London, Paris, and Milan's fashion week. So stay tuned for that.

Also I will be doing a blog post that I've been wanting to do for a while, I can't let you guys know everything about it, because it will be a surprise. The only hint I will give is "infographics" (shoutout to all my readers who love those, lol maybe it's only me). 

I'm looking forward to so much from this season and I know I'd love to be there but there is still a lot I can do from my work space at home.

Stay tuned, and enjoy your FW.

check out my Instagram's got you Covered posts from the last years: Fashion Week Coverage.