So, Spring Break is over but Summer will be here before you know it. One pieces are back with more detailed and as sexy as Baywatch. Gladiators shoes are going higher and adapting to all styles from minimal to bohemian. And designers are finding ways to merge the most baring material into their collections and stay true to their looks. Below I collected a few pieces that stood out to me, that definitely deserve to be in our wardrobes this summer. The links to the pieces are in the names and the site they are sold on.

1 / "Kesa" one piece swimsuit, $95, on Andrea Iyamah.
2 / "Hadiya" monokini, $120 CAD, on Zubaida Zang.
3 / "Less is More" swimsuit,  $75, on Shop Matte.
5 / "Maracana", $79, on Loza Maléombho.
6 / "Zebra", $120, on Loza Maléombho.
7 / Mesh Spandex Biker Shorts, $66, on Bellen Brand.
8 / "Moyamesh dress by William Okpo, $90, on Exodus Goods. (Item also sold on William Okpo's official site.)
9 / Utility mesh trousers, $55, on 000SPORTWEAR.

All of the designers/shops above are Black owned and that was another inspiration for the post. These designers are emerging and more expose never hurts. William Okpo has been a designer in Fashion Week and Loza Maléombho's work is done out of a space in West Africa. The inspirations of each designer is so different and I loved that I could come to one theme to display some of their peices.

Also the background images on the collages I made are works of Cliff Briggie. Briggie combines ice, water, and paints and lets life, science, and his camera does the rest of the works. His images are inspiration from the freeness of the colors moving to the willingness of them mixing and some not. His colors range from earthy to bright neons. You can view his work and more on his Flickr.