The style statement that never fails

Asos jewelry
Yes I'm back in all black, did ya miss it? (lol.) Wearing all black is such a go-to. While I did splash some color in there on my most recent outfit posts, I can't forget my old faithful all black. I'm also wearing a new favorite style and brand of jeans that I've blogged about trying ("101 Pairs of Jeans") and now I can actually tell you guys if they are worth it!

Cropped Joni Jeans

These are the Cropped Joni Jeans from Topshop. I saw them on the "New Items" page some months back and I told everyone "Im wearing capris this year and I dont care." They looked so flattering and I love high-waisted styles on myself so I bought them. When they arrived, I took them out the packaging and held them up. They looked like leggings and I was prepared to be mad at myself for ordering the wrong size.

I looked in the tag and nope, right size. I tugged at them and realize some stretch existed but still, I didn't think these were gonna make it past my thighs.

Blogger wearing Topshop and Asos

With some wiggle here and there, they actually did fit. They were form fitting and it showed my curves. I think I've found a new place for jeans (sorry ASOS).

The rest of my outfit were pieces I've had including these earrings I got back in high school. I actually wore these in my first outfit post ever. They are just gorgeous. The shoes are new from ASOS (and were on sale). I love the heel. ASOS just always gets me when it comes to heels.

Blogger wearing ASOS Heels

See you guys soon, next up is New York Fashion Week!

TOP Cotton Spandex Tank Top from American Apparel (similar here and here)
JEANS Cropped Black Joni Jeans from Topshop (similar here and here)
SHOES ASOS Hold Tight Heeled Sandals (similar here)
BAG Vinyl cover bag from Mango (similar here and here)