101 Pairs of Jeans

Asos jean "Ridley" being modeled. Model unknown. Photo found on ASOS.com
So, no, there aren't one-hundred and one pairs of jeans posted here nor is there a story about someone who owns that many pairs and their favorite ones. This is just my one hundredth and one post. I didn't celebrate one hundred so why not the one after?

Ever since leggings came back into style, jeans haven't gotten much love. Since skinny jeans also came back in the late 2000's, wide, and straight leg pants have been the "out". I must say I've contributed to the neglection of  jeans also. I'm ready to throw them off and change into comfier clothes once inside the house. Also I've only bought them because they are the only "appropriate" casual clothing at work and when I was in high school.  Forever 21's seven dollar eighty cent pairs of jeans were the only jeans I cared to buy in high school. But, lately I've learned quality over quantity. And I've been wanting a quality pair. Though I don't wear much denim everyone knows I am the double denim queen, and that is not a fashion "no" in my book. So from my years of shopping and watching my favorite bloggers I've found a few pairs I'd like to try, from a few different brands. I've posted 2 pairs that I find ideal for my body, and good washes, with 3 pictures of bloggers wearing that brand's jeans. 

Now I've had my eye on ASOS's jeans for a little while now. I shop a lot on ASOS. Their clothes are of quality even their basics, so I feel like the jeans would be really good. The prices are going to be near the lowest of the jeans that I've chosen for this post. Their jeans seem to fit very well, looking at the pairs the women above choose to wear. I love the simplicity of the jeans also.

Now Topshop jeans. If you follow any bloggers from the UK, you know they have at least 1 pair of TOPSHOP jeans. These prices are also on the "lower end" believe it or not.  I follow teens from the UK also, and they seem to be willing to splurge on these jeans. I like the  fitting of the jeans the most. On their models they seem to be stretchy, and well fitting. Honestly, the popularity may outweigh any of my opinions on just seeing these jeans on someone else. They are definitely on the top of my list.

Oh American Apparel, how you've actually obtained my money somehow. Of all of brands I'm posting, this is the only one of which I do own jeans from. The two pair I posted from their site are the last 2 pairs I want to try and NEED. I'm actually blogging this while wearing the "Easy Jean" by them (Tatiana of Vinyls and Noir is wearing the same pair above). Their jeans are durable and they last. The price is worth it. I also own two pair of denim shorts by them which I absolutely love. American Apparel is my go to for basics like bodysuits and t-shirts so I know they can be trusted. The Stretch Twill Wide Leg Pants have gotten away from me every time they are on sale. I'm afraid they may not bring them back but I will pay for them if they do come back. That color is so perfect and the flare leg, I need them.

If I told you name a denim brand, theres a good chance you'd name Levi's. Although Levi's are mostly wanted lately when it comes to vintage denim, they still are relevant today; esp.  since their Curve ID line. I truly can appreciate their effort in the line. The problems with cheap denim is that is truly is cheap. It'll work for time being but them falling down, not coming up high enough, and the million more issues with them isn't truly worth it. So you go to the alternative, one-hundred dollar and above jeans, and maybe you can get better results than the cheap jeans. I have went and tried on a pair and they are comfortable and the fittings of the jeans are immaculate, I just wasn't prepared for the price. So now that I want quality jeans, I am willing to splurge on a pair.

Of course I had to include a brand that I'll be dreaming about for another five plus years, MiH jeans. This brand originated with their jeans, and yes the prices are reasonable as Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana,  and Sandra Bullock are big supporters of the jeans. Along with actors, fashion magazine editors have expressed their love for MiH Jeans. "My Marrakesh MiH Jeans are the denim equivalent of the little black dress, I love how flattering they are"  Conde Nast Traveler's Fiona Lintott has commented. The Marrakesh Jeans are what lead me to finding MiH Jeans. When I saw them on Fisayo (Above), I fell in love. I love wide leg jeans because they lengthen my legs, and obviously that is why they are MiH's most popular jeans. And back to the prices, although the regular price is so high, during their sales, they do reduce the jeans to almost half the price. Making them equivalent to Levi's, which makes them worth it. 

* All of the sites are for the US. The country may change itself, ask you which country you live in or you'll have to change the currency yourself.

If you have any brand suggestions comment below, Id love to learn about more.