"Because black belongs in fashion"

2018 Diversity in Fashion conversation
For the past few years the fashion industry has been called out repeatedly for the lack of diversity. From the runways, to holding senior-level positions behind fashion houses, black faces are very rare. I'm here to say black belongs in fashion. This we have known since our grandmothers were sewing and altering our clothes and having to prove ourselves through our presence. Fashion is a big part of black culture and we've made big contributions silently.

In 2013, Naomi Campbell, Imann, and Bethann Hardison joined forces to demand change from designers. On the runway during Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week, models of color accounted for 17% of the models. The number has since, jumped to about 37% at the Spring 2018 NYFW shows.

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Recently the lack of black designers has been a hot topic. Nylon magazine reported "a pitiful four" was the amount of notable black designers showing in this past fashion week. In 2017, of the many designers VogueRunway covers, 1% were black designers. The numbers are obviously low, and everyone can agree, its about time for change.

I've made supporting black fashion designers and jewelry designers a mission of mine. Whether it is reposting their work, following them, or buying from them, I do what I can. I've been following brands like Andrea Iyamah, Nakumli, and Tongoro Studios, and enjoying watching them grow. In this post, I'm wearing a skirt by Hanifa. Hanifa is designed and owned by young black woman name Anifa. I discovered this brand about two years ago on Instagram and I loved all the pieces.

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This skirt was something I had to sit on, as I don't wear much color. Originally I wanted this skirt in ivory but I'm glad I went with this color. Its bright, fun, and obviously warm. I felt beautiful in it and proud. I couldn't wait for people to ask where I got it. I couldn't wait to tell them it was young black woman designer.

The fashion industry is large and global. No one needs to beg to be accepted or to get recognition. Black people are as talented, creative, diverse, and appealing as other counterparts. Period. In my bio on instagram it now says "because black belongs in fashion" because it is something I’d like to change in the industry.

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