Atlanta Street Art             Atlanta Street Art

The very first place we went once we checked into our hotel was to "The Underground." My mom was eager to go. Now she told me she hadn't been to Atlanta for a fun trip in over 30 years which was fine, but I had a feeling "The Underground" no longer existed. We found parking where she felt familiar and began walking around. There were people around, beauty shops, some businesses that you can tell were barely hanging in there and lots of vacant ones. My mom asked an officer, "Is the Underground still down there", and he replied sarcastically "Not really." She carried on her conversation with him, but I look around noticing how most of the businesses left were black owned, or drew in mostly black people. That is one thing I've always noticed when I traveled while growing up. The downtown and inner city areas you can tell use to be flooded with blackness and the history is barely left. Soon it will be gone. However, we enjoyed walking around and checking to see what the beauty supply stores had because of course, they were bigger than the ones here in Kentucky (lol.)


So my mom and I have done the City Pass in Chicago before, so we tackled the one in Atlanta. We went to the The World of Coca-Cola, CNN Studio Tours, The Center for Civil and Human Rights, and The Aquarium.

Visit Atlanta             Visit AtlantaVisit Atlanta             Visit Coca ColaVisit Atlanta             Visit Atlanta

The Coca Cola Museum was interesting. We always talk about pop culture but food in American culture is interesting. It's crazy how much marketing has to be put behind something to keep it relevant to us.  My favorite part of the museum, of course was fashion related. In 2009, at Milan Fashion Week, Coca Cola hosted "Coca Cola's Tribute to Fashion", and select fashion designers "dressed" coke bottles. Fendi was my favorite but you could see the signature looks on the bottles and if you are an enthusiast you can tell the designer before you read them.

CNN Studio Tours didn't allow cameras, and to be honest thats refreshing. Its nice to just soak in the moment and learn without having to "take a picture."

Visit Atlanta             Visit Atlanta

The Center for Civil and Human Rights was nice. I've been to a few civil rights and black history museums and they are all great. Yet when it comes to Civil Rights, no one has a plethora of information and artifacts from The Black Panthers, or on Malcolm X, can we talk about more than what is taught in public school? I hope I'm not coming off wrong but there is so much more out there that has happened and we repeat about the same few events and people. I realize this, and why, now that I am older. I can't wait for my generation's events to be talked about, and I hope its told correctly and in full truth. However, it was beautifully put together.

Visit Atlanta             Visit Atlanta
Visit Atlanta             Visit Atlanta

The Aquarium was fun as usual, and I was only there to find Nemo and Dory. Why haven't they gotten their own little exhibits at Aquariums? Anywho, I find that I often confuse blue tangs with other fishes in the Acanthuridae family because all I'm looking for is blue and a yellow spot. But it was fun.

When my mom and I tackle one more city pass I will make a review about them and compare them and share tips. They are convenient and you do save money for sure!


Visit Atlanta             Visit Atlanta

So my mom can be a thrill seeker, she wanted to do the Skyview of Atlanta. A Ferris wheel. Okay, it doesn't seem like that bad of an idea. We wait in line, its a beautiful sunny day. While were waiting to be put in a car, a loud sound come from the wheel, and everyone was looking. The staff began removing people, and I automatically knew I just missed tragedy by a hair... Okay, I'm joking but not (lol.) I am dramatic, and I was scared as you know what. They gave us a ticket to come back and my mom was like "Sure , we'll come back tomorrow." I was fine with not going back but, we returned the next day. The entire ride my anxiety was showing off. My mom was taking pictures and I was like, no, no, in misery. I could hear and feel everything. If the car swayed I told my mom be still (lol.) I think I've lost my thrill seeking drive, but the city was beautiful once you got to the top.


So it was my true first experience traveling and being a "foodie" and traveling. The three places we went were Delia's, Negril Village, and Pappadueux's.

Atlanta Restaurants              Atlanta Restaurants


Everything includes their chicken sausage here, and is it good? Its amazing! I had the Soul Bowl of Goodness and all the flavor in that traditional country dish had my heart. Three of the four days we were in ATL I had to go get the same meal. Yes, it was that good. We also bought some of their chicken sausage home! They sell it in their restaurants (links, patties, and other products).

Negril Village

If you are looking for somewhere with rich vibes and amazing food to go with it, Negril Village is the place. Caribbean dishes, and dancehall music coming from the speakers in an old historic fire house turned into a restaurant, it's a good time. I have been here previously during brunch and I wanted my mom to go this go to enjoy it as well. I've had their shrimp and grits before but I opted for a salad with salmon croquettes and plantains on the side. Delicious. My mom had the Oxtails, she agrees, it is a must visit if you go to Atlanta.

Pappadueux's Seafood Kitchen

So Pappadueux has multiple locations across the US and it has other connected restaurants Pappasitos, Pappas Bar-B-Q, and more. So this location (in Alpharetta, GA) is the only Pappadueux that offers a brunch buffet (my mom was excited about that.) All I can say is its a must visit. Their menu items are amazing, and this brunch was even better.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about some of my trip, I enjoyed it! Of course I do think we needed more time there. Atlanta is a beautiful city. It is humongous, and continuously growing. I will continue to document my travels. Are any of my readers from, live, or that have visited Atlanta? Share some spots with me because I am definitely going back!