What's the rush?

Blogger in ASOS

I've talked about this topic before on the blog but I have an honest question? What are we rushing for? Creatives are often rushing to put together projects, uploading to social media, rushing to plan, rushing our entire life. And for what? Are we afraid we're going to lose all of our juice before 30?

I realized that I was rushing things as soon as I knew what I wanted to do. I get an idea, jot it down, reach out to one person, and wonder "Why haven't I finished yet?" It's totally not healthy, and I know I'm not alone (lol.) I figure we are so ready for the next step and to be honest, we can slow down. Life is meant to be enjoyed. We can't possibly handle all of our successes and failures in one day because what will tomorrow bring?

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So how do we slow it down? Just accept timing and allow things to happen how they naturally should. If there is not a due date, slow down, especially if its something you're over-seeing. Example, ;et's say you're creating a project. You haven't told anyone about your project yet, you don't have a theme yet, you haven't thought about resources or a budget for this project. So is it realistic to say "Oh, this project will be done by next month" and put yourself under pressure. There are so many to go over and there is no reason to rush it yet. One step at a time, you'll get there. It will be worth the time put into it and the patience you had.

So what do we do to fill our time? Read a book. Find a hobby that is not related to our project/craft. Go walk. Go enjoy something with your friends. Whenever you find yourself getting stressed step back for a second, and remind yourself its nothing to stress about. You want good energy and thought put into your work, so make sure you're ready mentally when you work on it.

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Remember we may not get to our major goals until we're 50. Is there something wrong with that? Not really. You'll get there, thats the goal. If when is in your goal, make sure you really plan but let's try not to put a number on it. There are exceptions to this "Dont Rush" pep talk, but it applies to more than half of us.

These pictures were taken on my recent trip to Atlanta! The location was amazing and look, I'm embracing color, texture, and pattern. I'm out here doing big things (lol!) I love this jacket and had to have it (those "have to have it buys" are usually the coolest pieces in my closet.) Full outfit details below, I hope you guys like it as much I do. Thanks for reading and until next time.

Blogger in Floral Bell Sleeve Jacket

TOP Everlane E2 Stretch Turtleneck (Similar here and here)
JACKET ASOS Jacket in Pretty Jacquard w/ Faux Fur Collar (Similar here and here)
tip on jacket: I could only find similar silhouettes, if you add a fur collar, boom! Easier time to find collars/scarf during Autumn and Winter
JEANS ASOS FARLEIGH High Waist Slim Mom Jeans (Similar here and here)
SHOES Jeffrey Campbell Isolate Boot (Similar here and here)
BAG Forever 21 Faux Leather Grommet Crossbody Bucket Bag (Similar here and here)
EARRINGS PrettyLittleThing Gold Large Thick Hoops (similar here and here)

Photos taken by Uduak Bassey.