10 Black Instagram Accounts to Follow

Black Bloggers 2018

1. Shiona Turini

Black Fashion writer editor

BIO Stylist + Consultant; Island hopper; Contributing Editor. Looks good on a boat

WHY I FOLLOW: She is inspiring, from working to her trips. I love everything she wears and did I mention her love for crop tops? It's a must follow!

2. Myleik Teele

CurlBox Founder

BIO creator of @curlBOX | hard worker | avid reader | straight shooter | here for others | currently fearing NOTHING. 

WHY I FOLLOW She is an entrepreneur and her posts will remind you that today is a new day and another opportunity is here. She has a podcast with advice. Its literally your fairy god mother helping you reach your goals.


Black Fashion Stylists

BIO Est. 1978 1 of 1.
WHY I FOLLOW Listen here, he currently styles Andra Day. He makes a vision come alive. He has worked with Tracee Ellis Ross, Taraji P Henson, Alicia Keys. I love his work on the red carpet and in the magazines.

4. Zeinabou Munyaradzi

Black Fashion Blogger

BIO African millennial navigating motherhood and entrepreneurship.
WHY I FOLLOW She is real. Her stories, her sharing motherhood, and her sexiness. She also talks back too (lol). Her blog is amazing and she is badass.

5. Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross Instagram

BIO Actively compassionate advocate for freedom, equity and joy, culture of beauty expander...
WHY I FOLLOW Tracee and her alter egos are comical. Her style is like no other.  And she stands up for women. And her hair...oh her hair.

6. Yolande

The Language of Yolande

BIO Encouraging personal growth through personal style.
WHY I FOLLOW Her style and posts feel relatable. She is beautiful and reminds me how natural hair is a style and statement, and it looks damn good.

7. Kibwe Chase-Marshall

Black Fashion Insiders

BIO  ...I pix and choose...my life portfolio...
WHY I FOLLOW If you do not follow this Instagram, do it now. Making a stand for black people in the fashion industry and unapologetically loud. He also sketches, and has the best IG stories I've ever seen! So creative! 

8. Chimmy Lawson

Chimmy Lawson

BIO Like a fashion blogger, but not.
WHY I FOLLOW I love her opinions. Period. She writes in detail and she stands by it. And she has a book!

9. Nailah Ali

Black Fashion Blogger 2018

BIO Creative Marketin' | Bloggin' | Detroit bred

10. Maricia Josephs

Fashion Writers 2018

BIO Fashion Publicist by day, Founder + EIC @wedreaminhd, 365. —NYC
WHY I FOLLOW Her style, drive, and career inspires me. She is dedicated to her work and you can tell she doesnt half do anything. Her website is amazing also!