Onto new things

Blogger wearing ASOS 2018

Well wont we look'a here. I'm trying color! And of course its not subtle at all. Fun fact: my favorite color is lime/neon green. I use to wear it on my nails all the time. And when I saw this sweater on ASOS I fell in love. The color and silhouette spoke to me.  But wearing color (and knitwear!) is totally not common! But new year, new things right?

ASOS ZARA 2018 blogger

I've been wearing all black as a uniform for the last (almost) 4 years in the workplace and I don't even mind. Its easy. Black goes with everything. Yet when I critic fashion shows, I find myself loving collections that include color especially bright colors. Stella Jean and Johanna Ortiz have some of my favorite pieces actually, but I'm happy I finally put on some color because it actually looks good and maybe that means more color in my wardrobe.

Long Knitwear Dress

Also color just makes you happy for Spring. I'm ready for the warm weather, trees, flowers, and just breathing fresh air.  I look forward to trying a lot of new things this year, and color is already a big step forward! I'd love to know how you integrate color into your wardrobe and has it ever been hard to for you? Thanks for reading!

Blogger wearing knit dress and jeans ASOS

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