What I'm learning at 24

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In February I turned 24 and like most people in their 20s, I'm trying to find my way. Adulting is new and I'm rejecting it. Relationships and friendships are being tested and I'm hating it. My weight is going up and I'm trying to acknowledge it and go to the gym. But hey, we're all figuring it out as I said. Recently I learned something that I wanted to share (as usual), and I hope it resonates with someone.

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To get straight to the point, not everyone is going for the same thing, in the same way, for the same reasons. Just because we all are on a self love journey doesn't mean we all want to lose weight or don't want a romantic relationship. Self love can be healing from trauma, it can be learning to be comfortable at the size you are whether its a 2, 10, or 20. Self love is a broad topic and we can't assume.

Earlier this year I was questioning if someone around me knew what love was. I, for reasons, didn't think they knew how to express it and receive it. Let me start with saying one, it was not my business. Two, who was I to say if they knew what love was or not? I soon realized that just because love looks one way to me, doesn't mean it looks the same to others. Everyone is not the same and our aspirations/endeavors wont pan out the same. And that is ok.

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We are all on separate journeys. Some of us are similar, some of us live in different worlds. And you know what, that's what makes us unique. Live your life and accept lessons as they come. Accept peoples differences. If it isn't harmful, it's ok. And lastly, we all will get where we need and want to be in time.

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