See you, 2016.

Blogger Sherre P wearing J Crew, Madewell, and ASOS.

 2016, Thank you. I cannot think of another way to start off this post. Usually I want to think about what I didn’t get done each year and hurry and focus on the next. But I decided to actually do some reflecting this year.
I finished my associate’s degree (at a school I am not proud of, a process I am not proud of, but I finished). I went to Chicago and New York (both stays didn’t seem long enough, but I went). And before you leave this post (finding me strange because of these remarks in parenthesis), let me tell you why I’m doing that. In 2016 I realized how much I was complaining. It got so bad that I’m pretty sure I lost friends and associates over it. I knew negativity had me. My way of thinking had 160’ed. I didn’t get why I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet. I thought I was doing everything right, school, networking, working, blogging, what else could someone do? I wasn’t allowing time to do its job.

Blogger Sherre P wearing J Crew, Madewell, and ASOS

Life is nothing but time. In time there are lessons.  As I lost people to talk to because my negativity was infectious, I was facing myself. I wanted to me positive again, and in this time of reflection Im wondering, were thigns really that bad? Not really. Just me rushing myself, and time. It was a bad habit (now I realize). But me realizing that took time too. What I’m really saying is, allow time to do its thing. Do your thing, and it’s going to pay you back. Creative fields are so much harder because we are all watching each other over social media. Its entirely too easy to rush, compare, and doubt yourself. You’ve have got to learn how to not do that. Allow life and time to work for you. It is your friend. Seeds do not become flowers over night.

Blogger Sherre P wearing J Crew, Madewell, and ASOS

So let me restart this post.
2016 was amazing. I completed my associate’s degree. I went to Chicago with my mom and I found a new city to love, maybe even move to one day. I went to New York for New York Fashion Week this year. My very first one. And I was there to help my friend, and business partner with her first NYFW show. 2016 was full of experiences and lessons. I hope I take my lesson of patience far into 2017.  Or at least remember that time is my friend, it is in my favor.

What'd you learn in 2016?

TOP: Tippi Turtleneck Sweater in Black, from JCrew. Similar here & here.
JEANS: Wide-Leg Crop Jeans in Birdie Wash, from Madewell. Similar here & here.
SHOES: Pier Pointed High Heels in Black, from ASOS. Similar here & here.
PURSE: Soft Tote with Metal Handles, from Zara. Similar here & here.
NECKLACE: Got at a small boutique from Cincinnati. Similar here & here.

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