Is it to late to put Loéil under the tree?

Minimal LA based brand Loéil

Dear Santa,

I can't figure out if this brand is for the minimalist or an extreme maximalist? Neon poppy to muted creams. Knits, shearling, satin, suedes, oh my. Santa, I don't want to drag it on, but Loéil's December collection just came out and the Ellin top sold out the first day. If you can just put some of these under the tree, I will smile forever, and I promise to bless the blogosphere with the pieces.... Santa pls.

a fashion enthusiast
who loves last minute gifts.

LA Fashion Brand Loéil 2016 December Collection
Minimal Jewelry and Knitwear 2016 Trendy Loéil
Loéil 2016 December Collection
Loéil 2016 2017 Fall Fashion Trends
(all images are from Loéil's site)

ps. there is free holiday shipping until Jan. 5