The Countdown

Writer wearing ASOS 2019
It's September and the countdown is on. We have now entered my last few months of living in Louisville and it's starting to hit me. I'm really going to be moving out of the house, away from family, and out on my own (maybe on my own but highly considering roommates.) I'm making the move to New York and I'm proud of myself. Proud of me for finally knowing its time and feeling ready.

2019 Fashion Trends

As we get closer to the date I'm working alot more, hence why I havent been posting. But I thank everyone who is still reading and viewing the blog. I come here to live my dream, writing about fashion, people, or even just life.

It's currently the middle of Fashion Month and I haven't looked at more than 20 shows. Once things slow down I will be looking, reviewing, writing, and making some trend reports. Until then, I'll leave you all with a word that has stuck with me and that I tell anyone who is fearing their dreams.

Accessory Trends 2019 Fashion Blogger
"As long as you go after what you love, you will not fail."
Go after your dreams y'all and I'll be back soon with more posts. And yes, this is a recent shoot, cause I always got time to take pictures *wink*.

ASOS 2019 collection Fashion

DRESS ASOS Design Midi Rib Dress with Collar from ASOS (similar here)
SHOES ASOS Design Halliwell Block Heeled Sandals from ASOS (similar here and here)
EARRINGS Small Chunky Earrings from H&M (similar herehere, and here)
PURSE ASOS Design Triangular Plastic Clutch Bag

Fashion Writer Sherre Perdue
Photos by Shean Siaffa
Honorable mention Courtney of Slay Station on the braids.