The Year of Consistency: 2018

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December 3, 2017 I posted on here and Instagram promising myself I'd start taking my writing serious. Over this last year I have been consistent with outfit posts, writing, and sharing my face and work on all my social media. I can say 2018 was a successful year.

When I started back posting I brainstormed things to write about and ways to dive deeper into the fashion industry without having a job in it. I began following other writers who focus on the scene and arts. Robin Givhan, Kimberly Drew (also know as @museummammy), and Marjon Carlos are a few I've fell in love with. I've also started listening to fashion based podcasts. These things haven't just taught me more but also kept me inspired.

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"Started speaking' my mind, and tripled my views"
- Cardi B
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The inspiration kept me writing and I can say this was my "Cardi Year." The average number of views I was getting a month in 2017 was about 400. Now my average sits over 3x that (Hence the quote from "Get up 10".) I've never focused on blog views and it wasn't a goal this year. However it's amazing to see where consistency has gotten me.

So cheers to a successful year. Not successful because I won an Oscar or got a job promotion (lol) but because I started doing what makes me happy. I stopped my excuses and started believing in me. Watching myself grow is amazing and I can't wait to keep it going in 2019.

Sherre Perdue

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