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Fashion Blogger for Fashion Week Spring 2019
Looking out the window of my Uber on FDR Drive to LaGuardia Airport, my eyes bounced from car to car, to the tall brown apartment buildings, to the East River. The day wasn't the sunniest but it wasn't raining like it did on the previous days I there. As the sun hid behind the clouds, my heart felt fulfilled but I was sad. This was the end of my trip and I didn't want it to end.

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Going to New York Fashion Week has always been dream of mine and I'd been before but this time it wasn't for work. I originally was going because I wanted to enjoy the shows and the street style chaos, but by the time I was on my flight to New York I had received a few no's and some emails for invites went unanswered. I knew I wouldn't be attending any top shows but it was okay with me, I had made plans. Plus its New York, you could find something to do in minutes with the help from Google and Instagram.

Over the days my friend Aryea, and I attended 29 Rooms in Brooklyn, Essence Fest, and ate plenty of food I usually wouldn't be eating.  Of course, shopping was involved and drinking, we won't even talk about the drinks, but everything was fun.

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On the last full day that I was there, it was a rainy night and there was a show that anyone could attend.  The attendees stood on the High Line, an elevated park that starts on 12th Street and runs for almost a mile and a half to 34th Street, to watch the show. The presentation featured models standing under bright lights in the windows posing in silk bandeau lingerie tops in muted colors and black high waisted briefs. The models stood and switched spots for an hour. Umbrellas danced up and down as passersby walked through the crowd on the bridge and the crowd was steady as people watched the entire time. I overheard some people saying "That’s my friend, yes her." One mom screamed at the end "Yes honey, that’s my baby y'all," and the crowd laughed. Standing there, I took in the beauty of all sizes, colors, and confidence. These models were standing in bikinis for everyone to see, opening themselves up to criticism, praise, love, and admiration. But everyone there was supportive and I didn't hear anyone complain about the rain. While I stood there appreciating an opportunity to watch a presentation during the most amazing time of fashion in the city, I was amazed by the support. In Louisville, with a very interestingly small "fashion scene", support is rare. So, to see this was refreshing. The crowd outside started clapping as the girls joined hands in the windows, signaling the end of the show.

The last two days I ran around shopping. I enjoyed the packed subway trains, and having to push through people to get off at the right stop, and some slippery steps from underground to the street. I didn't allow anything to stop me from enjoying the few days I had there. I overcame the fear and anxiety of being alone and I conquered the crowded and busy places. That was a success.

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Scrolling on Instagram at the airport I saw many people at The Shows, from bloggers to e-commerce buyers. I admired the collections and on the on-the-go experiences they were having.  I noticed my lack of envy that occasionally comes when I see someone living out "my dreams." But then the light bulb came on and I realized, I enjoyed New York Fashion Week how it was meant for me to enjoy it. I don't want to be here for a good time, I want to be here for a long time. Since the age of 15 I knew the fashion industry was the place where I wanted to be and I am here. It’s not always glitz and glam, but one day my name will be on a seat in the front row of a show. I realized the journey is just as amazing as the goal. So, thank you New York for the lessons. And thanks to the plane ride back, where I daydreamed of the one-way flight to New York I will make one day to engulf myself in my dreams.

Fashion Blogger during New York Fashion Week Spring 2019

DRESS from Aryea Kolubah & Co
SHOES ASOS DESIGN Harvest Heeled Sandals (similar here)
EARRINGS ASOS DESIGN stud earring in folded knot design in gold (similar here and here)
BAG Zara City Bag with Metal Handle (similar here and here)

Photos by Taylor of Mama.Photog