Hello Twenty-Three!

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Well, here it is, the Big 23?! Okay, it literally was not as exciting as turning 21 but I am here. I honestly thought at 23 I'd be in New York, right after getting my bachelor's in something related to fashion. But I'm not. I thought I'd be two years away from being married with kids, but I'm not (dont worry, I thought this at 13). However I am here. At 23 I'm facing my myself. I am being more honest, realistic, and less hard on myself because I can achieve all these things in my life and there is not a reason to rush anything.
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I think millennials are so hard on themselves. We are embracing our creative side and school isn't for all of us. We have a lot of options,  yet we still should have it half way together by 18? Hilarious. And knock knock, most people have once said "You'll never have it together, you just have to go for it."

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So I'll stop being so hard on myself this year. Sometimes you have to realize you are on your way somewhere rather than thinking you aren't there yet. I know every birthday may remind us of milestones but lets remember we're received another year to keep at what makes up happy and another year to make a difference.

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