To another year...

blogger wearing turtleneck plaid check print skirt

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and got a deserving break off from work. New Years is around the corner and I'm so excited! Getting my blog back off the ground, realizing my surroundings, and fixing what I knew was wrong. This year coming up is about me and learning about self-love. Yes I know, we are so tired of hearing about it, but if you ain't got it... you wanna get you some (lol.)

check print skirt plaid skirt

It is okay to be selfish. When I say selfish I mean, doing what you want to do because its better for you, or hell, because you simply want to. You mean no harm to anyone, you just have to put yourself before others sometimes. Also you don't let people affect your aura, your bubble. You know that one person who gets under your skin every time you talk or interact with them. You honestly don't have to deal with them you just do for whatever reason. You learn to cut them off to protect your peace. You'll learn to love and value your peace.

White Turtleneck and miniskirt tights

I don't know everything about self-love at all, I'm just starting my journey. But I'm excited. I don't think much negative can come out of this but I'll update you all. And if you have started a journey of self-love, or have tips to share of how you protect you energy or peace, share it below. I enjoy interacting with anyone who reads.

And to my outfit, as we know I love my shoes. Fur on any shoes are my friend. So I built my outfit up from the shoes. I do realize I'm still not colorful but the house helped some (lol?) These tights are Calvin Klein, and yall, if you are looking for tights to last you through the winter and you can wash them, GET THESE! I always go maybe 1 or 2 sizes up from what they say because these are tight. Regardless, I love them and recommend them. And they keep you warm when you want to wear your little dresses and skirts during the winter. I don't usually wear mini-skirts but this one was too cute (and a good price) to pass up. But I do still understand why I do not wear them (lol.) 

Enjoy your Holidays + New Year. 

Side note, I took these pictures at a place called The Pink Palace in Old Louisville, can someone buy it for me so I can turn it into a club (again, lol), or a B&B. Its only 690k.

fur boots 2018 trends

TOP Everlane E2 Stretch Turtleneck (similar here and here)
SKIRT SheIn Wales Check Zip Back Skirt (similar here and here)
TIGHTS Calvin Klein Ultra Fit High Waist Solid Tights (similar here and here)
SHOES ASOS WHITE Dahlia Premium Suede Boots (similar here and here)
BAG Zara Soft Holdall with Metal Handles (similar here and here)
EARRINGS SheIn Faux Pearl Embellished Charm Earring (similar here and here)

Photos by Hilton Siaffa