14 Lingerie Sets for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is almost a week away and as usual, we're either already loving it or hating it. Over here, we're loving it. It's time to celebrate lingerie's favorite time to show up and show out. I've found 14 lingerie sets, each from different designers (not including Victoria's Secret because well, we all know what they've got) that I think can be loved and adored. These brands range from independent lingerie designers, high end, even to a jewelry designer. So enjoy, and remember, treat yourself, lingerie can be for you just as someone else can enjoy it too.

Cosabella Only Hearts La Fille D'O
la fille d'O (x)(x) / Only Hearts (x) / Cosabella (x)(x)
Bordelle Bondage Lingerie Hopeless
Bordelle (x)(x)(x) / Hopeless Lingerie (x)
Adina Reay PrimmaDonna Harlow & Fox
Harlow and Fox (x)(x) / Adina Reay (x) / Primadonna (x)(x)
Crystal Lingerie Set Lace by Tanaya Lace La Perla
La Perla (x)(x) / Lace by Tanaya (x)(x)
Fortnight (x)(x) / Cleo by Panache (x)(x) / Fleur du Mal (x)

(In the header picture - Agent Provocateur (x)(x))

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