Trend Report: Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes is the trend this season amongst bloggers, designers, and fashion lovers

Next to white and black, it seems like the minimal dressers are adopting this not-so-nautical blue and white pattern. The stripes sometimes are bold, or alternating, or barely-there pinstripe. This trend actually hit the runways in 2014, but here it is just arriving to e-commerce sites and stores this year. 

Australia has been very big on this trend, as seen in their street style photographers archives and by their local designers. Also you may have noticed a surge of light blue cotton pieces during the releases of spring/summer wear in stores. These two trends are hand in hand.  See below the "it" pieces and where to buy them:

Nausheen Shah wears blue stripes trend in this off the shoulder top
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Blogger Hayet Rida In blue Stripe Dress
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Tome, Acne Studio, Zara and more stores have the blue stripes in trend.
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