Dear Awol Erizku, Thanks.

So, I was on Vogue yesterday and saw this. Let me tell you, I've never had such an urge near emergency to blog that I have it now. Awol Erizku photographed people at Afro Punk, a music festival held in Brooklyn, New York that originated from a documentary which highlighted the presence of Blacks in the Punk scene. The festival is held annually and has been going on for about ten years and its free. This is not what you'd expect to see on Vogue. And I love that. As an aspiring fashion writer this brings pure optimism to me. Blacks and black culture is definitely not covered in fashion often, and I thank Awol Erizku for covering this event with his talent. From faux locs to real roots, black hair is the focus of the portraits. I picked my favorites and the link below to the collection of photos on Vogue. I'm sure theres many more, wonder will Erizku release them (wishful thinking)?

Also, when I created these pictures I wanted an interesting background to them and I ran across artwork of Odili Donald Odita. He is an African abstract artist whose works have been in The Jack Shainman Gallery in NY and the Michael Stevenson Gallery, in Cape Town, South Africa. His color schemes and exhibition reviews create scenes in my mind that make me eager to see or maybe experience a gallery of his. You can check out his work by clicking on his name at the beginning of the paragraph.

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