Always a First time.

Whoa, an outfit post? First, let me say I didn't expect to be posting one until next year. But I looked nice today, so I said why not try? Ive been running this blog for about three years and theres very little about me. I wanted to start off doing outfit posts but I wanted to wait until the right time, so now Im here. I learned after doing this, going through the pictures that Ive got a lot to do (work on). But, for now, for a first time, not horrible. Its a start.

Outfit details:
Grey skater dress from Forever 21
"Turkish Delight Earrings" from ASOS, by ASOS
"Van Buren" shoes from Nasty Gal, by Luichiny
"Wood Base Shopper" bag from ASOS, by ASOS

Photography by: Kayla McDaniel