Flashback Friday: Style Like Jagger.

Bianca Jagger
An activist, actress and Ex-wife of Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger, Ms. Bianca Jagger Is An Amazing Woman. Known in the Seventies And Eighties As A Jet-Setter, She Made A Name For Herself While With Mick Jagger And After Him. Besides Being Very Social, Her Style Stood Out. Suit Jackets, And Silk Dresses With High Platform Heels, She Was Different Kind Of Sexy. Thick Eyebrows, Smooth Skin, And An Amazing Jaw Structure, She Could've Modeled. But She Took On What She Believed In And Became A Human Rights Advocate In The Early 1980s. At Age 68, She Is Still The Strong, Opinionated, Beautiful, Styled Woman. 

Bianca & Jade Jagger in 1979
Bianca Jagger and Nathalie Delon, 1974

Bianca Jagger, New Years Eve party, 1979
Bianca Jagger, 2012
Bianca Jagger

Obviously, The White Suit Is Her "Look". Her Most Remembered White Suits Were By Yves Saint Laurent, Not Coincidental, For They Are Known For Pantsuits For Women. Below I Gathered Some White Pieces And Accessories That I Thought Were Very Bianca Jagger-ish. And Hats Off To Her For Her Original And Sexy Style. 

Bianca Jagger: Blazers

Bianca Jagger: Tops

Bianca Jagger: Pants

Bianca Jagger: Accessories