In A Minimalist Fashion: Marc Jacobs RTW Spring/Summer 2013 (NYFW)

Marc Jacobs Went To The Basics And Added Some Simple Cuts, Mixed Prints To Make This Collection, Extraordinarily Interesting. Many Of Bold Striped Prints. Jumpsuits, Suits, 2 Piece Outfits, Dresses, His Collection Didn't Miss Anything.
The Two Dresses Above Play With The Eyes, Somewhat Like Illusion Art. You Question Whether The Stripes Are Descending In Width And How Did He Go From Stripes To Zig Zags? These Two Pieces Appear Fun And Interesting To Wear, They Arent Simple Basic Striped Print Dresses Thats What Makes Them Stand Out.

Oxblood Stripes? Can It Get Any Better. This Shirt Stands Out Because She Has No Pants On, But It Looks Wonderful. The Color Is In Trend, And This Shirt Can Be Worn Casually Or To Work.

Details From The Show.

The Make Up? Love, The Blondes Really Wore It Well Though.

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